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3 Cheese Garlic Bread Sandwich Recipe
Ingredients: feta cheese, parmesan cheese, ciabatta, butter, turkey, garlic, mayonnaise, green onion
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Gluten Free Chestnut Sandwich Bread Bread Machine Recipe
Ingredients: buttermilk, vegetable oil, flour, corn starch, potato starch, tapioca, water, flour, eggs, sugar, xanthan gum, salt, cider vinegar, yeast
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Pumpkin Shaped Bread Bowl Recipe
Ingredients: eggs, bread
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Bacon And Fried Green Tomato Sandwich Recipe
Ingredients: bacon, cornmeal, green tomato, milk, salt
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Football Hero Sandwich Recipe
Ingredients: cheese, ham, eggs, lettuce, mayonnaise, sandwich rolls
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Honey Dijon Ceasar Sandwich Recipe
Ingredients: bacon, caesar salad dressing, focaccia bread, turkey, romaine lettuce, dijon mustard, parmesan cheese, tomato
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Smoked Chicken Sandwich Recipe
Ingredients: celery, onions, dried cherries, chicken, basil, black pepper, mayonnaise, orange juice, orange zest, salt
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Ukrainian Garlic Bread Puffs Recipe
Ingredients: flour, kosher salt, yeast, sugar, vegetable oil, salt, water
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Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding Recipe
Ingredients: hawaiian bread, nonstick cooking spray, eggs, semisweet chocolate, whipped topping, cocoa powder, coffee flavored liqueur, sugar, vanilla extract
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Salsa-turkey Corn Bread Casserole Recipe
Ingredients: turkey, chili powder, cornbread, eggs, milk, salsa, olive oil, flour, butter, salt, red pepper, cumin
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